THE BASICS: Hot tips for your round marketing strategy Whether youโ€™re a big team or a team of one, there are some things you need to know in order to make your QF round a success. In marketing you

Great examples of past round activations:

Your goal for the round is to attract as many people as possible to participate in your round. You can do this through:

  1. Leveraging your most reliable communications channels. Twitter? Absolutely. Lens? Why not? Email? No brainer. Bonus: Do a bit of analytics research to learn where you usually get the most traction with your community and go to town.

  2. Asking for community support to amplify your messages. Whatโ€™s better than a couple of RTs? A community of people spreading the word and inviting their frens to donate! The trick is to make it simple. We recommend creating and circulating a doc or an email outlining how your community can amplify your message. Get detailed, create a helpful launch doc like this one by Giveth that gives people a clear picture of what and how they should be communicating.

  3. Support grantees with promoting their own grants. At Gitcoin, weโ€™ve learned that Grantees are at the heart of donor engagement. When you support your grantees you support your ecosystem. The most effective grantees in a round know how to activate their networks and invite all of their frens to support them. Thatโ€™s why during every round we tool our grantees with up-to-date marketing assets (Canva kit) & engagement guide that tools them to better engage with their own communities. We also recommend that you give Grantees spaces to connect both sync and async. A Gitcoin, we run a few Grantee Twitter Spaces that give grantees a chance to pitch their project to the wider community and get more exposure during a round.

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