🤑How to do Payouts

Video Walkthrough of how to do the payouts

Steps for your easy reference below

Step 1: Fund the Contract

Fund the contract by specifying the amount and clicking "Fund Contract."

Proceed to the "Round Results" tab on the left-hand side.

Step 2: Review Fund Distribution

In "Round Results," observe the fund distribution among projects.

To make changes, upload a new CSV file using the "Revise Results" section.

Step 3: Recheck Round Saturation

Confirm "Round Saturation" status to ensure sufficient information for fund distribution.

If saturation is reached which is it has to be 99.999%, proceed to the next step.

Step 4: Finalize Results

Click "Finalize Results" after rechecking "Round Saturation."

Read the pop-up warning carefully as finalizing results restricts further changes in the smart contract.

Step 5: View Finalized Transactions

Observe the finalized transactions in the "Finalized Transactions" section.

Step 6: Payout to Fund Grantees

Navigate to the "Fund Grantees" tab on the left side.

Select grantees you want to pay, and unselect those you don't.

Click "Pay Funds" to initiate the payout process.

Step 7: Verify Paid Grantees

Check the "Paid Grantees" tab to view the amount paid to each grantee.

How to Reclaim Funds

In the "Reclaim Fund" section, you have the option to either send funds directly to the grantee or reclaim funds in case of any issue. To reclaim funds, enter the wallet address, either yours or the grantee's, and hit "Reclaim Funds."

Reclaiming funds allows you to retrieve mistakenly sent or unused funds for further allocation or adjustments.

It's crucial to maintain clear and transparent communication with participants regarding the payout process. Ensure that all involved parties are well-informed about the timing and details of the payouts, to establish trust and clarity in the process.

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